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LIBRO. Assessing neuromotor readiness for learning

Autora: Sally Goddard Blythe - Año: 2012 - Editorial: Wiley Blackwell - Tamaño: 1.2 MB - Formato: PDF - Idioma: Inglés



Assessing Neuromotor Readiness for Learning is a substantially revised and expanded edition of a long established INPP training manual that has been consistently proven in practice. The package includes tests for children, a developmental movement programme, and information about online access to INPP video training materials.
  • Based on the proven INPP model for neuromotor development screening and intervention, which is unique in having been rigorously evaluated in research and practice
  • Expands and revises an INPP manual which has previously only been available to training customers, and which is a foundation stone of the overall INPP approach
  • Places emphasis on children's physical development and how neuro-motor skills provide the foundations for learning success.
  • The package includes batteries of tests for younger and older children, a developmental movement programme
  • This book may be supported and enhanced by INPP video training materials and score sheets, available for download purchase from the INPP website

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