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LIBRO. Working memory, thought, and action.

Autores: Alan Baddeley Año: 2007 - Editorial: Oxford University Press Tamaño: 5 MB - Formato: PDF - Idioma: Inglés


The first edition of Working Memory was published in 1986 and was both widely cited and highly influential. The follow-up to this classic book has two aims - to discuss the developments that have occurred within the multicomponent model, since the publication of Working Memory, and secondly, to place the concept of multicomponent working memory in a broader context. The updating section of the book comprises two chapters each on the phonological loop, the visuo-spatial sketchpad, the central executive and the episodic buffer, with further chapters on the relevance to working memory of studies of the recency effect, of work based on individual differences, and of neuroimaging research. 

The broader implications of the concept of working memory are discussed in chapters on social psychology, anxiety, depression, consciousness and on the control of action. The final "life, the universe and everything" chapter discusses the relevance of a concept of working memory to the classic problems of consciousness and free will. 

This new volume from one of the world leaders in memory research will doubtless emulate the success of its predecessor, and be a major publication within the psychological literature.

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