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LIBRO: Clinical pediatric neurology

Autores: Ronadl B. David, John Bodensteiner, David Mandelbaum & Barbara Olson Año: 2009 - Editorial: Demos Medical Publishing - Tamaño: 10 MB - Formato: PDF - Idioma: Inglés


This new edition fills an important gap in the literature by providing a concise treatment of pediatric neurology that focuses on the most commonly seen diseases with clinical guidelines that help today´ busy practitioner find answers quickly. The book is divided into three sections starting with the tools required for a pediatric neurologic evaluation, then moving through classic disease states and disorders with the last section focusing on approaches to key clinical problems in children and adolescents. Each section is edited by the key opinion leaders in the field with dynamic features that get to the information quickly including:
  • Tools for diagnosis
  • Chapter opening outlines
  • Disease "Features" tables
  • "Pearls and Perils" boxes
  • "Consider Consultation When¬¥ " boxes
  • Selected annotated bibliographies
  • Key Clinical Questions

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